CHA4011 Plunder (1980, 2016)

The Book

This book contains 640 pre-generated treasure hoards and 43 magical treasures of Glorantha for use in any Rune- Quest campaign.

The treasure hoards of monsters are arranged by treasure factors, ten tables in all. They specify how many Clacks, Lunars, Wheels, gems/jewelry, and special items each hoard has accumulated. There are also a special gems /jewelry table and a special items table.

The second section of Plunder gives detailed descriptions of many of Glorantha’s magical treasures. Each has notes on physical appearance, relationship to various cults, extent of public knowledge of the item, history, procedure for making items that can be made, its powers, and its value.

All items in Plunder can be used in any RuneQuest campaign, Gloranthan or otherwise. Surprise your adventurers with a gift of treasure.

The Treasures

  • Alchemist’s Flasks
  • Aldryami Arrows
  • Aldryami Copper Arrows
  • Aluminum Tridents
  • Arroin’s Blood
  • Balls of Tails
  • Barjora’s Shield
  • Black Boxes
  • Chameleon Tents
  • Chaos Slime
  • Crystal Goblet of the Sky
  • Cock’s Eggs
  • Dragonewt Skin Armor
  • Fabulous Quills of the Wyrm’s Friends
  • Fire Crystals
  • Firesticks
  • Gazhmen’s Girdle
  • Glass Butterflies
  • Gloves of the Mostali
  • Golden Torches
  • Green Snakes’ Skulls
  • Godling Bones
  • Invisible Sword
  • Lightning Bands
  • Lunar Sweaters
  • Mazoo’s Tooth
  • Minanen’s Shadow
  • Nosma’s Wig
  • Morokanth Thumbs
  • Pavis Pointers
  • Soup Bones
  • Rhino Fat
  • Saddle of Wantoo
  • Scarlet Scimitars
  • Scala’s Lance
  • Snake Staves
  • Spell Storage Scrolls
  • Stone Branches
  • Storm Bull’s Ear
  • Styx Water
  • Tora’s Hammer
  • Waha Ropes
  • Wands of Life


  • PLUNDER by Rudy Kraft
  • illustrations by Rick Becker
  • Cover Illustration — TOM SULLIVAN
  • Interior illustration — LUISE PERENNE

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Martin Helsdon
  • Layout by Rick Meints and Nicholas Nacario
  • ISBN# 978-1-56882-196-2
  • System RQ2


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

ISS1610-SBorderlands & Beyond2005Softcover, contains Plunder
ISS1610-HBorderlands & Beyond2005Hardcover, contains Plunder
ISS1610-PDFBorderlands & Beyond2005PDF, contains Plunder
CHA4011Plunder2016Classic edition, contains More Plunder
CHA4011-PDFPlunder2016Classic edition PDF, contains More Plunder
CHA4011-PODPlunder2020Classic edition POD, contains More Plunder

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