Keeper of Wisdom, the Keeper of the Well, the god of Secret Wisdom.

Deep within the cosmic sea, past the wilderness of the hadal depths and near the bottom of Magasta‘s entire realm, lies the Well of Wisdom. Within that godly spring sparkles a magic nectar sought by even the greatest gods. Its divine properties defy description, but a small drop is considered a great treasure among the gods.

Daliath is the keeper of the well, and only he regularly imbibes of its potent wisdom. He creates and arranges the defensive obstacles which discourage questers, and doles out the precious fluid to those few who succeed.

As is common among mermen, he is not pictured.

Write upPageYearRunesNotes
Gen Con 2019 preview822019As one of the sea gods
Guide to Glorantha1512014water runeNotes only
Gods of Glorantha, Prosopaedia1985Notes only

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