Goddess of sea life

Mother of Tholaina.

Triolina is called Mother Ocean, and mother she is. All of the beings which live in the sea and know mortal life can trace their ancestry to her. For this reason she is one of the greatest deities of the sea. Most sea temples have at least a shrine to Triolina.

Mermen religion does not portray her. In Waertagi idols she is shown as a breastless, fish-scaled woman with two tails instead of legs — one is a fish tail and one a cetacean tail. Her hair is composed of trailing kelp and her many fins are drawn from several kinds of fish.

Write upPageYearRunesNotes
Gen Con 2019 preview892019As an associate cult of Magasta
Guide to Glorantha1512014water runeNotes only
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1985water runeShort form write up

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