ISS3001 King of Sartar (1992, 2015)

Originally the first volume of the Stafford Library, included here for reference.

CHA4500King of Sartar, First edition1992
ISS1201King of Sartar, First edition (1992)
Le Roi de Sartar, Oriflam1993
ISS3001King of Sartar, First edition, reformatted (2006) Volume 1 in the Stafford Library. ISS3001 was an error as HeroQuest Voices already used that SKU2006
ISS4001King of Sartar 2nd Edition (2015)
CHA4501-EPUBKing of Sartar, 2nd Edition. (PDF, EPUB, MOBI, PRC)2015

King of Sartar, How One Man Became a God
 Product Number ISS4500. Reprint edition. ISBN 1-929052-00-6.$19.95
 288 pages, trade paperback size, 17 Maps and Diagrams
Maps and Diagrams by Greg Stafford. Compilation of myths, stories and colorful background for the Hero Wars. This is useful as a source book for the Hero Wars game as well as a stand alone book. The author calls this an “epistolary detective novel.”  The mystery is, “Who was Prince Argrath?”  The book consists of a series of Gloranthan documents, each with their own prejudices and biases, lies and errors, insights and secrets revealed. (from 15 May 2003)

Table of Contents (1ed):

  • Introduction. P 6.
  • The Annotated Argrath’s Saga. P 14. Argrath’s epic story, as related many years after the Hero Wars.
  • The Zin Letters. P 40. Correspondence from the early post-Hero Wars Era.
  • Orlanthi Mythology. P 49. An excellent collection of tales to overview the Orlanthi mythology, as it was in the Hero Wars period.
  •  The Composite History of Dragon Pass. P 99. A document purportedly given to Argrath as a wedding present. It contains a wealth of local detail about the Dragon Pass area and history.
  • The Argrath Book. P 163. Documents about the Lightbringers Quest, Argrath, and the EWF.
  • Jalk’s Book. P 194. Data on the Colymar Tribe, Boldhome, and the Grazers; and a most valuable anthropological overview of the Heortling culture.
  • Conclusions. P 261. Some whacko theories by the Gloranthan compiler of the book.


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