ISS3009 History of the Heortling Peoples (2007)

Compiled articles about Heortling History and Society.
This compilation of information on the Heortling people covers their history and society from the Dawn Age all the way through to the Hero Wars at the end of Third Age. Each Age covered includes a timeline, supporting maps, king lists, and numerous significant events that shaped and impacted the Heortlings. Many famous individuals, such as Lokamayadon, Harmast, Ingolf Dragonfriend, Belintar, Sartar, and Arkat are all detailed. Locations, Armies, Empires, Myths, and Events of Interest are all on offer. This is the definitive Heortling resource for Gloranthan scholars and RuneQuest and HeroQuest players.
This is a Pre-Finished Works title, a non-professional compilation of the notes of Greg Stafford, creator of Glorantha.

The book expanded version of a convention book called Durengard Scrolls.

It has the following text on the inside cover: This is the second edition of this book, based on the Durengard Scrolls done for the Continuum convention, Leicester, July 2006

Moon Design. The Stafford Library – Volume IX (117 pages)



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