ISS3008 The Middle Sea Empire (2006)

The Middle Sea Empire is a Second Age book detailing the empire of the Godlearners, form its humble beginnings to its epic destruction. A detailed history, King’s list, and many geographical descriptions provide a wealth of gamable material. The Jrusteli tapped great powers through their Heroquesting as shown on the timeline included. Malkionism, from before Time, at The Dawn, and through the Second and Third Age is showen through its many historical transitions.

This is a Pre-Finished Works title, a non-professional compilation of the notes of Greg Stafford, creator of Glorantha.


  • Product Number: ISS 3008.
  • ISBN: none.
  • Price: $30.00.
  • 56 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ format, with maps.


As with all of Greg’s Work’s in Progress, many versions were printed with the date of the printing inside and often a colorful name. There are also likely to be unique versions of a single printing for individuals. Those that were printed in copy shops also varied depending on paper, cover and colour. In a few cases Greg even gave photocopies. Eventually they became formalised printings.

2006Fundraiser for Continuum 2006, July 28-31 [50 copies]
2006Moon Design and Issaries
ISS3008-PDF2015Moon Design and IssariesStafford Library – Volume VIII
ISS3008-POD2015Moon Design and IssariesStafford Library – Volume VIII

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