ISS4001 King of Sartar 2nd Edition (2015)

Greg Stafford

Collection of Stories, Rumors and Myths about Prince Argrath

King of Sartar, The Mystery of Argrath: How One Man Became a God
 Product Number ISS4001. Revised and Annotated Edition. ISBN 978-1-943223-00-8. $24.99
 256 pages, hardcover size, 16 Maps and Diagrams
Maps and Diagrams by Greg Stafford, Rick Meints and Colin Driver.
First published in 1992, King of Sartar is a remarkable work of fiction, a collection of often contradictory manuscripts from the fantasy world of Glorantha. Ancient epics, scholary histories, kings lists, myths, fragments of stories, and other magical texts have been assembled to try to make sense of the events that ended the Third Age of Glorantha, the legendary Hero Wars. This revised edition includes a new chapter and numerous annotations that reveal secrets previously hidden from even the most die-hard fans of the setting.
(from the back cover of this edition)

Table of Contents:

Introduction. P 5.

Book Contents. P6.

The Annotated Argrath’s Saga. P 11. Argrath’s epic story, as related many years after the Hero Wars.

The Zin Letters. P 29. Correspondence from the early post-Hero Wars Era.

Orlanthi Mythology. P 39. An excellent collection of tales to overview the Orlanthi mythology, as it was in the Hero Wars period.

The Composite History of Dragon Pass. P 83. A document purportedly given to Argrath as a wedding present. It contains a wealth of local detail about the Dragon Pass area and history.
Includes the Lost Chapter.

The Argrath Book. P 141. Documents about the Lightbringers Quest, Argrath, and the EWF.

Jalk’s Book. P 167. Data on the Colymar Tribe, Boldhome, and the Grazers; and a most valuable anthropological overview of the Heortling culture.

Conclusions. P 221. Some whacko theories by the Gloranthan compiler of the book.

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