ISS3005 The Missing Lands (1998)

The Missing Lands contains information on the oceans and seas, the continent of Pamaltela, and the many islands outside of Genertela. These are sections once intended for Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars (published by Avalon Hill), but were cut out due to size limitations.


  • By Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen
  •  Product Number ISS3005 (previously WA8804)
  • ISBN: none.
  •  Price: $30.00.
  •  114 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ format, with many maps.


As with all of Greg’s Work’s in Progress, many versions were printed with the date of the printing inside and often a colorful name. There are also likely to be unique versions of a single printing for individuals. Those that were printed in copy shops also varied depending on paper, cover and colour. In a few cases Greg even gave photocopies. Eventually they became formalised printings.

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ISS3005-PDFPublished by Moon Design. Stafford Library – Volume V.2015
Work in Progress # 4, Hero Wars Logo1998
Hero Wars branding, no cover1998


  • Overview of the Oceans
  • Map: The Oceans
  • Triolini Sea Beings
  • The Immortals
  • Merfolk Kindred
  • Non-Merfolk Sea Beings
  • Mermen’s Mythology
  • Map: Currents
  • Deities of the Waters
  • Geneologies The Zabdamar Origin
  • Life in the Waters
  • Map: Sea Bottom
  • Above the Waters
  • The Greater Islands
  • The Lesser Islands
  • Map: Lesser Islands
  • East Isles
  • Map: Overview of East Isles
  • Map: Details
  • The Sendereven
  • The Vadeli Smile. Fiction.
  • Jrusteli Isles
  • Map: Jrusteli Isles
  • Kumanku Islands
  • Map: Kumanku Islands
  • The Wolf Pirates
  • Loral, including Map
  • Map: Loral
  • Slon
  • Map: Slon
  • Teleos
  • Map: Teleos
  • Vadeli Isles, inc “map”
  • Map: Vadeli Isles
  • Vormain
  • Map: Vormain
  • Event Tables for Some Islands
  • Pamaltela
  • Map: Pamaltela
  • Chronology of Pamaltela
  • Errinoru
  • Map: Errinoru Jungle
  • Pygmies of Errinoru
  • Fonrit
  • Map: Fonrit
  • Jolar
  • Map: Jolar
  • Prophecies of the Hero Wars: The Silent Prophet Prophecies of the Hero Wars: Acac the Revivifier Kothar
  • Prophecies of the Hero Wars: The Vangono Recruitment Speech
  • Map: Kothar
  • The Kresh
  • Maslo
  • Map: Maslo
  • Tarien
  • Map: Tarien
  • Umathela
  • Map: Umathela
  • Map: The Closing The Waertagi
  • Ships and Sea Faring
  • Warships
  • Seasonal Shipping Routes
  • 5 Maps
  • Map: The Opening
  • Closing and Opening
  • What did Dormal do?
  • Some Pamaltelan Material
  • A Pamaltelan Creation Story
  • In Service for Her Ladyship. Fiction
  • “We Tried that already.”
  • Some Arbennen Heroes
  • The Doraddi
  • Elves in Pamaltela
  • Unfinished Fiction Exerpt: Aftal the Waertag

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