ISS3010 Esrolia: The Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses (2008)

The Stafford Library volume X


  • Author(s): Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard
  • Artist(s): Simon Bray, Mike O’Connor
  • PublisherMoon DesignIssaries
  • Publishing Year: 2008
  • Pages: 60
  • Cover Price:
  • System: None.
  • Format: PDF
  • SKU: ISS3010-PDF


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Continuum 2008 special edition, published by Moon Design & Issaries2008
ISS3010-PDFPublished by Moon Design & Issaries2008
ISS3010-PODLulu print on demand2015


Described as a compilation of notes and thoughts concerning Esrolia. It is divided into four parts

  • Esrolia, Grainland, a description of the Land and Peoples
  • Life Begins At Ezel, a description of the Sacred City of Ezel
  • The Great City, a description of Nochet throughout the Ages up to 1200 ST
  • Other Esrolian Matters: miscellanea
  • Esrolia: The Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses index

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