ISS3007 Arcane Lore: Heroquests & Heroquesting (2003)

Arcane Lore reveals a vast treasure trove about heroquesting. Collected from almost 30 years of questing, this book explores the philosophy, mechanics, and practice of heroquesting from a multitude of viewpoints and angles. Although much of the material was written for the old RuneQuest game, and other parts were used in the development of Hero Wars and HeroQuest, all of it is useful in understanding heroquesting and developing your own heroquests.

In addition to extensive sections on Heroquesting, God and Mortals, The Worlds, and The Mythic Ages, Arcane Lore contains over 40 pages detailing heroquests. From the Hill of Gold to The Quest for Knowledge, from the Jackal’s Path to the Westfaring, these quests provide details of Glorantha and the Hero Planes that have never been published anywhere. It also includes over a dozen maps and diagrams of the Hero Planes and Otherworlds.

Although much of the contents are speculative and subject to change as development of HeroQuest continues, Arcane Lore is a book no serious fan or heroquester will want to miss.


  • By Greg Stafford
  • with Sandy Petersen, Steve Marsh, Roderick Robertson, Bill Keyes, and David Hall
  • Product Number: ISS3007
  • ISBN: none.
  • Price: $30.00.
  • 108 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ format, with maps.


As with all of Greg’s Work’s in Progress, many versions were printed with the date of the printing inside and often a colorful name. There are also likely to be unique versions of a single printing for individuals. Those that were printed in copy shops also varied depending on paper, cover and colour. In a few cases Greg even gave photocopies. Eventually they became formalised printings.

Heroquests & Heroquesting2003IssariesPreliminary Release Version for Tentacles 2003, without cover, most maps, footnotes and index. 104 pages.
Arcane Lore2004IssariesPrefinished Work #6.
Arcane Lore2007Moon Design & Issaries Stafford Library – Volume VII
ISS3007-PDFArcane Lore2015Moon DesignPDF
ISS3007-PODArcane Lore2015Moon DesignPOD

  • Heroquesting
    • Explorations into the World of Magic
    • The Hepherones Texts
    • What is Heroquesting?
    • Historical Heroquest Development
    • Heroquesting Basics
      • Cult Heroquests
      • Arkat & Extrapolative Heroquesting
      • The God Learners
    • How Heroquesting Works
      • Some Cosmic Mechanics
      • Types of Heroquest
      • Involuntary Crossing
      • What is HeroQuest?
    • Metaphysical Mechanics
    • Four Magic Systems, One Magic
    • Characteristics of the Three Worlds of Heroquesting
      • Mythic Identification
    • Release Keys
    • Discorporation
    • The HeroQuest Quiz
    • The Divine Rune Identification System
    • The Heroic Rune Identification System
  • Gods and Mortals
    • Creating a Heroquester
    • Deity Statistics
    • Sample Deities
    • Fame
    • The Chaos Wars
    • Arkat’s Tome
  • The Worlds
    • The Web of Mystery
    • Arachne Solara
    • Time
    • The Spiral Map
      • The Spiral Map (map)
    • Short Worlds
    • The Hero Planes
      • Levels of the Hero Plane (diagram)
    • Entering the Hero Plane
    • So, You Want to Raise the Dead?
    • The Other Worlds
      • The God Plane
      • The Sorcery Plane
      • The Spirit World
      • The Underworld
    • The Invisible Measure
      • More Levels (diagram)
    • Spirits and the Spirit Plane
  • The Mythic Ages
    • Entering the Other Side
    • The God Learner Maps
    • The Green Age
    • The Golden Age
      • The Golden Age (map)
    • Storm Age, Early (Great Flood)
      • Early Storm Age (map)
    • Storm Age, Late
      • Later Storm Age (map)
    • Great Darkness
    • Map Seven
      • Map Seven (map)
    • Crusades
  • The Hill of Gold
    • The Quest
    • Yelmalio’s Quest
    • Revisiting the Hill of Gold
  • The Lightbringers Quest
    • The Westfaring Heroquest
      • The Westfaring (map)
    • The Land of Dusk
      • Land of the Dusk (map)
    • The Courts of Silence
    • The Quest to Maintain Spirit
  • Other Orlanthi Quests
    • Some Mythic Events
      • Golden Age Migrations (map)
      • The Great Flood (map)
    • The Heroquest(s) of Orlanth
    • The Route to Orlanth’s Longhouse
    • Rainmaking and the Harvest
    • The Quest of Knowledge
    • The Wyter Heroquest
    • Kargan Tor’s Court
    • The Berserkergang Path
    • The Quest for Ten Strikes
    • Humakti Scenario
      • Humakt’s Hall (map)
  • Other Heroquest Paths
    • Elovare’s Blue Moon Heroquest
    • The Quest of the Seven Sky Gates
    • The Quest of Yelm and/or Sun Dome Heroquest
    • The Path of Lightfore
    • Tale of the Twelve Brethren
    • The Crossroads
    • The Jackal’s Path
      • Alebard’s Quest
      • The Six Vales
    • The Citadel of Drang
      • The Great Darkness (map)
    • Hellmouth
    • The Quest of Renallien, Breaker of Bricks

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