ISS3003 The Fortunate Succession (1995)

The Fortunate Succession is an early draft of the “Official Lunar Imperial List of Emperors.” Each of the the 77 Emperors of Dara Happa are named, each with some generalized dates for their rule and notes about their reign. They are divided by dynasties. It also includes an additional longer section on Moonson, Takenegi, the reigning and ruling Glorious Red Emperor.


  • Product Number ISS3003 (previously WA8803)
  • ISBN: none.
  • Price: $30.00.
  • 110 pages, 8.5″x11″ format, illustrated, maps.


As with all of Greg’s Work’s in Progress, many versions were printed with the date of the printing inside and often a colorful name. There are also likely to be unique versions of a single printing for individuals. Those that were printed in copy shops also varied depending on paper, cover and colour. In a few cases Greg even gave photocopies. Eventually they became formalised printings.

The Fortunate Succession1995First released at RuneQuest Con in January 1995.
Work in progress 2.
WA0501The Fortunate Succession1995Wizards Attic
WA8803The Fortunate SuccessionWizards Attic
The Fortunate Succession2002Work in Progress
ISS3003The Fortunate Succession2015Lulu edition


  • Preface
  • Yelm Dynasty
  • Ovosto Dynasty
  • Anaxial Dnasty
  • Kazkurtum
  • Jenarong Dynasty
  • Khordavu Dynasty
  • Nysalor
  • Ordanestyu
  • Erzanestyu Dynasty
  • Denesiod dynasty
  • The Dragon Emperor
  • Karvanyar Dynasty
  • Carmanian Lords
  • New Solar Dynasty
  • The Red Emperor
  • Outlaw Emperors
  • Red Emperor Essay
  • Dara Happan Religion Notes
  • Cult and Worship of Yelm
  • Illumination
  • Other Misc Notes
  • Appendix A. Other Dara Happan Emperor Lists
  • Appendix B. Elmexdros Text Notes
  • Appendix C. Carmanian Sources
  • Appendix D. Art Comments
  • Appendix E. Dara Happan Alphabet
  • Index

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