CHA4003 Apple Lane (1978, 2015)

Also known as Scenario Pack 2 or SP2

Two complete adventures in the outlands of Sartar! Specially designed for comprehensive ease of play,

APPLE LANE sets a new standard for fantasy role-playing games, presenting not only treasure and gore but situations and non-player characters of humor and interest: perfect situations for turning on players new to gaming!

GRINGLE’S PAWNSHOP: a crafty old Rune Lord needs a few Adventurers to guard his shop against more than he had divined….

THE RAINBOW MOUNDS: the Posse sets out to clio the ears of Whiteye and his gang: they find more in the hideout than whiteye knew of…

TRIBAL INITIATION: a special mini-scenario introducing FRP to new players via an intriguing ritual of adulthood…

Lengthy background notes, five pages of maps and plans, complete NPC statistics and motivational profiles, tactical and contingency explanations, and even a page of sample player characters. Referees
can start either adventure after little more than reading it and sketching the playing area!


  • Author: Greg Stafford
  • Artist(s): William Church
  • System: RuneQuest 2nd Edition

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Martin Helsdon
  • Layout by Rick Meints
  • System: RQ2


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

CHA4003Apple Lane1978Softcover
CHA4003gwApple Lane1980published under licence by Games Workshop
CHA4003Apple Lane2015Classic edition.
CHA4003-PDFApple Lane2015Classic edition PDF
CHA4003-PODApple Lane2020Classic edition POD

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