CHA4017 SoloQuest (1982, 2018)

DreamQuestOnce upon a dream your god appears. You are offered
the opportunity to serve your god by defeating four foes
in mortal combat. Step-by-step solo-melee combat rules for
the detailed RuneQuest combat sequence are provided.
Phony StonesSomebody has been selling counterfeit Issaries statues. Everyone
is upset: the buyers because they thought they were becoming
members of Issaries with the purchase; the Issaries temple
because it undermines the sales of their own statues.
Big reward is offered for the capture of the counterfeiter.
Maguffin HuntThe dwarves have stolen the valuable maguffin. You are
offered a big reward for its recovery and apprehension of the
thieves. The dwarves have hidden their prize in their intricate
labyrinthine tunnels in the dwarven mountains. Who will dare?


Original Credits:

  • Author: Alan LaVergne
  • Editing: Steve Perrin
  • Art Director: Yurek Chodak
  • Typesetting & Layout: Sandy Petersen, Tadashi Ehara
  • Format & Production: Charlie Krank
  • Consultants: Lynn Willis, Gigi D’Arn
  • Playtest: Reid Hoffman, Sandy Petersen
  • Proofreading: Sherman Kahn, Tadashi Ehara, Reid Hoffman
  • Front Cover Art: Rick Becker, Luise Perrene
  • Artwork: Rick Becker
  • Playtest: Michael Blum, Anders Swenson

Classic Edition:

  • OCR by Rick Meints
  • Layout by James Sutton
  • ISBN: 978-1-568820-512-0
  • System: RQ2


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

CHA4017SoloQuest – Three Solo Adventures1982
CHA4017gwSoloQuest – Three Solo Adventures1982Games Workshop version
CHA4017-PDFSoloQuest – Classic Collection20182nd edition Classic PDF.
Includes SoloQuest 2 and SoloQuest 3.
CHA4017-SSoloQuest – Classic Collection20182nd edition Classic Softcover.
Includes SoloQuest 2 and SoloQuest 3.
CHA4017-S-PODSoloQuest – Classic Collection20202nd edition Classic Print on Demand (POD).
Includes SoloQuest 2 and SoloQuest 3.
Original 1982 cover

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