CHA4020 SoloQuest 3: The Snow King’s Bride (1982, 2018)

The Snow King’s Bride


Brunhild is the comely and boisterous intended bride of Snorkil
Herringsbane, lord of Valhalavahalla. Your mission is to escort her
through treacherous mountains, monsters, and marvels, and deliver
her safe and sound to the Snow King.

You have to match wits with the greedy griffon of Griffin
Gorge, evade the nasty, ice-sharp tail whips of the Cold Cuts,
and foil a ferocious Frost Demon. Then again, your biggest
headache may be Brunhild herself, for though she has heard that
Snorkil is filthy rich, her girlfriends warn that he is also old,
decrepit and foolish. Are you man enough to resist her hearty

So, gather your things and wrap your bearskin tightly about your
shoulders. It will be a long, dangerous, and cold trek but the
rewards for success will make the trip worthwhile.


Original Credits:

  • Author: Alan LaVergne
  • Editing: Steve Perrin
  • Art Director: Yurek Chodak
  • Typesetting & Layout: Sandy Petersen, Tadashi Ehara
  • Format & Production: Charlie Krank
  • Consultants: Lynn Willis, Gigi D’Arn
  • Playtest: Reid Hoffman, Sandy Petersen
  • Proofreading: Sherman Kahn, Tadashi Ehara, Reid Hoffman
  • Front Cover Art: Rick Becker, Luise Perrene
  • Artwork: Rick Becker
  • Playtest: Michael Blum, Anders Swenson

Classic Edition:

  • OCR by Rick Meints
  • Layout by James Sutton
  • System: RQ2


CHA4020The Snow King’s Bride1982
CHA4020gwThe Snow King’s Bride1982Games Workshop edition

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