CHA4012 Rune Masters (1980, 2017)

Strong NPCS and Their Use in RuneQuest

Here are 45 Rune Lords, Rune Priests, and Rune Lord-Priests of the 15 cults surveyed in Cults of Prax. Each character is completely individualized, experienced, equipped with spells, treasures, bound spirits, and so on. Every stat takes up about half a page, and in themselves form a valuable collection for referees who need Rune-level characters as NPCs.

But William R. Keyes’ book is much more than a collection of statistics, He also discusses how Rune Masters should be created and about the logic of their growth, how each type of RuneMaster should be played, what their retinue (if any) should be, how a referee can organize his PCs with coherent melee tactics and team strategy, etc. -the most informative notes of their kind ever published about the rational play of strong RuneQuest characters.

Stats cover backgrounds of characters, their basic characteristics, movement, encumbrance, hit points, bonuses, weapons, spirits, spells, Rune spells, skills and certain acquired knowledge, languages, magic items, potions, finances, equipment, gifts, geases and more.

Cults include Daka Fal, Storm Bull, Waha, Eiritha, Humakt, The Seven Mothers, Pavis, Yelmalio, Issaries, Chalana Arroy, Lhankhor Mhy, Orlanth, Kyger Litor, Zorak Zoran, and Aldrya.
Appendices are included.


  • By William R. Keyes
  • Illustrations By Luise Perrene

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Martin Helsdon and Sue O’Brien
  • Layout by Rick Meints and Nicholas Nacario.
  • ISBN# 978-1-56882-197-9
  • System RQ2


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

CHA4012Rune Masters1980Softcover
ISS1610-SBorderlands & Beyond2005Softcover, contains Rune Masters
ISS1610-HBorderlands & Beyond2005Hardcover, contains Rune Masters
ISS1610-PDFBorderlands & Beyond2005PDF, contains Rune Masters
CHA4012Rune Masters2017Classic edition.
CHA4012-PDFRune Masters2017Classic edition PDF
CHA4012-PODRune Masters2020Classic edition POD

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