CHA4021 Pavis: Threshold to Danger (1983, 2019)

Chaosium, Inc. 1983 Glorantha RQ2 Boxed Set


Threshold to Danger
Exploits along the River of Cradles

PAVIS is the first city base intended exclusively for RuneQuest players. Its neighborhood maps are indexed for the services adventurers need – armorers. temples, and so on. Gimpy’s, an excellent Inn, is fully described, as are city politico-religious groupings and prominent personalities.

Of the three scenarios, Welcome to the City situates the chararactes and introduces Lunar officialdom; tis multi-session scenario is matched by The Cradle, another multi-session adventure about the first giant cradle to appear in 700 years: characters battle mass-magics to try to stop or to help the cradle on its way – a glorious struggle, which will be sung for a hundred years. Burglary at Raus House is a more compact adventure, offering one or two hooks help gamemasters create many more episodes.

Background includes a chronology, historical essays, maps, and the cults of Flintnail, Lanbril, Zola Fel, and Pavis. There is an elaborate plan and description of the downriver Sun Dome temple complex as well.

Inside This Box 

  • Common Knowledge for the Players
  • City Guide for the Gamemaster
  • Episodes for the Gamemaster
  • Map of New Pavis
  • Map of the River of Cradles


  • Authors: Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford
    • City Guide for the Gamemaster
      Temperature and Precipitation – Lynn Willis
      Population Distribution, Animal Prices – Sandy Petersen
      Sun County Temple, Additional Rumors – Michael Trout
      Additional Rumors – Anders Swenson, Marc Willner
    • Common Knowledge for the Players
      The Great Chart Caper – Oliver Dickinson
      Lanbril Cult – Anders Swenson
      Zola Fel Cult – Marc Willner
      Additional Prices, Entertainments – Sandy Petersen
    • Episodes for the Gamemaster
      Welcome to the City – Ken Rolston
      Burglary at Raus’ House – Anders Swenson
      Adventurer’s Forms – Lynn Willis, Charlie Krank
      Researching Information – Ken Rolston
      Statistics – Sandy Petersen, Steve Perrin
      Editing – Lynn Willis
      Additional Editing – Sandy Petersen, Charlie Krank
      Proofreading – Yurek Chodak, Sherman Khan, Reid Hoffman
      Maps and Plans – Charlie Krank, Lynn Willis, Yurek Chodak
      Art – Mike Blum, Brad Foster, Simon Bray

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Susan O’Brien.
  • Layout by James Sutton.
  • ISBN# 978-1-56882-XX

System: RuneQuest 2


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

CHA4021-XPavis: Threshold to Danger1983boxed set
CHA4021-SPavis: Threshold to Danger20192nd edition Classic Softcover.
CHA4021-PDFPavis: Threshold to Danger20192nd edition Classic PDF.
CHA4021-S-PODPavis: Threshold to Danger20202nd edition Classic Softcover, Print on Demand (POD).

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