CHA4019 SoloQuest 2: Scorpion Hall (1982, 2018)

Scorpion HallSomewhere in the forest, a band of scorpion men have their
hideaway. Their raids have depopulated the local lands, but
the Empire will do nothing. You must locate their lair, then
penetrate it to learn their secrets and destroy their center of
power. It will be a near-impossible task. You might fail – and
die. But if you dies, you know that your friends will follow you
into the ever-changing world of Scorpion Hall and avenge you.
Can you meet this challenge?


Original Credits:

  • Author: Alan LaVergne
  • Editing: Steve Perrin
  • Art Director: Yurek Chodak
  • Typesetting & Layout: Sandy Petersen, Tadashi Ehara
  • Format & Production: Charlie Krank
  • Consultants: Lynn Willis, Gigi D’Arn
  • Playtest: Reid Hoffman, Sandy Petersen
  • Proofreading: Sherman Kahn, Tadashi Ehara, Reid Hoffman
  • Front Cover Art: Rick Becker, Luise Perrene
  • Artwork: Rick Becker
  • Playtest: Michael Blum, Anders Swenson

Classic Edition:

  • OCR by Rick Meints
  • Layout by James Sutton
  • System: RQ2


CHA4019Scorpion Hall1982
CHA4019gwScorpion Hall1982Games Workshop edition

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