CHA4029 Gamemaster Screen Pack (2019)

Gamemaster Resources

All the important resources, maps, and charts available in one place!

The Runequest Gamemaster Screen Pack is the essential gamemaster resource and reference for running games of Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha.
This pack contains a landscape 4-panel screen mounted on thick hardcover stock, folding out to 44 inches wide and almost 9 inches tall. The player-facing side displays a gorgeous landscape featuring the world of Glorantha, while the side for the gamemaster’s reference contains summaries of key rules systems, copies of important tables and charts, and other references useful in play.

Inside are the following additional materials:

  • A 124-page book containing source material for the Colymar Clan and the hamlet of Apple lane, three ready-to-play adventures, and many adventure seeds.
  • A 20-page reference book containing many important charts and tables.
  • A Gloranthan calendar featuring the seasons and the gods’ holy days
  • Maps of Dragon Pass, South Peloria, Colymar tribal lands, Clearwine Fort, and Apple Lane.
  • Pre-generated adventurers ready to play Adventurer sheets and background sheets
  • A squad sheet and non-player character sheet
  • Rune Fixes – containing Frequently Asked Questions and rules clarifications


  • By Jeff Richard And Greg Stafford
  • With Simon Bray, Ian Cooper, David Dunham, Jason Durall, David Hall, David Larkins, and David Scott
  • Cover And Screen Artist: Andrey Fetisov.
  • Screen Based On The Original By Dan Barker And Roman Kisyov.
  • Editor: Jason Durall
  • Art Direction: Jeff Richard
  • Design & Layout: Simeon Cogswell, Michal Cross
  • Additional Design & Layout: Rick Meints
  • Cartography: Darya Makarava, Olivier Sanfilippo, Tobias Tranell, Josephe Vandel Artists: Kalin Kadiev, Michelle Lockamy, Eli Maffei, Simon Roy
  • Deluxe Adventurer Sheet: Francesca Baerald
  • System: RuneQuest Glorantha

Editions & Related Editions

CHA4029Gamemaster Screen Pack2019Chaosium
CHA4029-PDFGamemaster Screen Pack PDF2019Chaosium
CHA4028-XPart of the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Slipcase Set2019ChaosiumSlipcase set
CHA4028-XLPart of the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Leatherette Slipcase Set2019ChaosiumLeatherette Slipcase set
Kit de la MeneuseStudio DeadcrowsFrench edition


  • CHA4029 – Gamemaster’s screen
  • CHA4029 – Adventure book
  • CHA4029 – Reference booklet
  • CHA4029 – Gloranthan calendar
  • CHA4029 – Apple Lane map
  • CHA4029 – Clearwine map
  • CHA4029 – Colymar Tribes map
  • CHA4029 – Dragon Pass map,
  • CHA4029 – South Peloria map
  • CHA4029 – Artisan adventurer sheets
  • CHA4029 – Regular adventurer sheets
  • CHA4029 – Non-player character sheets
  • CHA4029 – Squad character sheets


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