Return to Apple Lane (2009)

Moon Design 2009 Glorantha HQ2 PDF

This scenario requires that the Narrator has Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and the HeroQuest Core Rules. It takes place before or during the events described in the Colymar Campaign (in Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes). It assumes the players are members of the Orlmarth Clan of the Colymar tribe and requires some modifications if the players belong to a different clan; more if they belong to a different tribe. This scenario introduces two recurring villains into the campaign: Darsten Black Oak and Erianda the Red. They are “bosses” working for the two main bosses of the Colymar Campaign: King Blackmor and Tatius the Bright.

This is different from the Apple Lane I remember!

Apple Lane was originally written as a supplement for RuneQuest back in 1978. Since then, far more has been discovered about Glorantha, especially Sartar. This scenario “re-imagines” the classic Apple Lane of 1978, updating it for Gloranthan HeroQuest.

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