CHA4007 Snake Pipe Hollow (1979, 2016)

Also known as Snakepipe Hollow, Source Pack 6 and SP6

In the Godtime, before Time began,
Snake Pipe Hollow was wrought as a trap for the forces of chaos,
where mortal beings’ faith in life broke the howling, gibbering armies
and left the remnant pocketed below the earth, concealed from the scorching sun.
Occasionally, for chaos knows no rhythm,
those subterranean cells and caverns spawn or summon monstrous things.

Snake Pipe Hollow

SNAKE PIPE HOLLOW is a large, flexible RuneQueste scenario book, designed to supply dozens of adventures for a band of adventurers. Eight starting points supply different motives and rationales for expeditions to the caverns, as well as necessary non-player-characters statistics. A Wilderness Encounters section provides background data, a sketch map of the Hollow, NPC stats for a variety of individuals and parties roaming in or passing through the area, and extensive notes concerning the intent and motivation of those encountered.

The underground adventures are divided by three interlocking caverns, each of which will require more than one expedition to thoroughly explore. The halls and courts of this great complex are presented in a uniquely structured fashion which allows gamemasters to reveal major and minor details separately, without misplaced emphasis, as determined by the characters themselves in the pace of their movement. Each element of every area is presented in the same sequence and clearly identified, so that the material has maximum utility

These adventures are built for parties of mixed ability: Rune lords and beginning characters can be included in the same group without difficulty, and everyone will be of value in meeting the dark challenges to reason and existence. These adventures frequently are more aided by wit than by flashing swords (though there is enough of that), and the rewards for the risks are often more long-term and subtle than simple loot. Players will be shown beauty as well as barbarity, and they will encounter role-playing of more realism and depth than possibly before.

Snake Pipe Hollow is typeset, saddle-stitched to lay flat while in use, 8½x11 inches, with 48 interior pages and a full-color cover. There is an introduction, 4 major sections, and over 140 PC statistics are included.



  • By Greg Stafford & Rudy Kraft
  • Cover Illustration — WILLIAM CHURCH
  • Interior illustration — LUISE PERENNE
  • ISBN# 978-1-56882-511-3

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Martin Helsdon
  • Layout by Rick Meints


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

CHA4007p1Snake Pipe Hollow19791st printing cover – Battle scene
CHA4007p2Snake Pipe Hollow19812nd printing cover – Walktapus
CHA4007p3Snake Pipe Hollow19833rd printing cover – Broo
CHA4007Snake Pipe Hollow2016Classic edition. Battle Scene cover, but contains other two.
CHA4007-PDFSnake Pipe Hollow2016Classic edition PDF
CHA4007-PODSnake Pipe Hollow2020Classic edition POD

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