Chaos pantheon — chaos god, the Severed God

see also Atyar, Tien

In the Gods War, a chaos god named Tien commanded a colossal chaos swarm. He was captured by Storm Bull and broken into two pieces. Each of these two pieces survived and became the center of a small cult — Tien, god of headhunters; and Atyar, god of knowledge-thieves. In historical times the worship of these two small cults was combined into one cult worshiping one god, called Thanatar.

Thanatar is usually shown as a gaunt figure with many heads hanging from his belt. He often carries his own head under one arm.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview4652019
Cult Compendium2872002
Lords of Terror641994Short form.
Dorastor version
Shadows on the Borderlands741993Carmanian version
Cults of Terror531981

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