Articles – Designing the New RuneQuest

This was a series of articles by Jeff Richard on designing RuneQuest Glorantha 2016-2017.

1. The four over-riding goals

2. The Key Features of RQ

3. Basing the new RuneQuest on RQ2

4. Fixing Rune Magic

5. A few thoughts on RuneQuest combat…

6. Are you using the [pick a rule] from RQ [pick an edition]?

7. On Zeroes to Heroes

8. Jumping into the setting with Family Background

9. RuneQuest version name

10. The Core Books


12. Progress

13. Schedule & RuneQuest Quickstart!

14. Runes, Passions, and Rune Spells

15. The Design Team

16. Initiates and Rune Masters

17. Damage to Weapons and Shields, Gaining Use of Special Cult Rune Spells

18. Gen Con 2017 Preview

19. Hill Country

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