Personalities of Glorantha – Fazzur Wideread (1998)

Fazzur Wideread, Governor-General of Dragon Pass, originally published in Wyrms Footnotes #12 (1981)

illustration by Rick Becker

This write-up as of Storm Season, 1613 S.T.

Fazzur was born on Fireday, Illusion Week, Fire Season in 1564. He is a well-educated Tarsh rich noble, a master of the Light of Action (a Lunar battle manual), a Rune Lord of Yanafal Tarnils (Scarlet Scmitar subcult) and the Seven Mothers, an initiate of the Red Moon, the Commander of the Occupying Army (in Dragon Pass), and Governor General of Dragon Pass.

Fazzur takes a weekly salary for personal expenses, though he could receive much more. All other expenses are paid by his cult, and his exact financial worth unknown. He owns land in Tarsh, Sartar, and Sylila. His Sylilan property is known for the rare herbs and roots it produces.

Vostor Blacktooth, Fazzur’s father, was a loyal retainer of General Phargentes, brother to King Philoctes who was driven out of Tarsh by Palashee Longaxe (who then became king). For many years the exiles lived in the Empire, growing and gathering strength. Vostor was 24 when the Empire re-invaded Tarsh, and he commanded a cavalry contingent in the fight, showing himself to be clever, confident, and competent. Though the Lunar king was slain, Phargentes made a brilliant recovery, slew Palashee, and became king himself. The year was 1556. Vostor was rewarded with a rich dukedom.

Vostor had four sons and one daughter by two wives. They were all loyal and brave. The brothers all became Lunar soldiers who fought often for their king. The eldest son, Farrad, died at age 28 in the Battle of Grizzley Peak (1582) which smashed the Sartar army. The second son, Goslem, died at age 23 in the Battle of Bagnot (also 1582), when he acted rashly and attacked too soon. The third son was Wassail. He was quick to rise in the priesthood and helped Phargentes arrange the difficult magic which helped kill Sartar prince Terasarin in 1600. Fazzur was the youngest son, born in 1564. He was a gifted child and a talented soldier, receiving his commission early. Vostos’ last child, a daughter, was born in 1568 and was named Harsta. She was a proud and haughty noblewoman, and wed the second son of King Phargentes.

Fazzur was an avid scholar while young, so avid that his father feared at first that he would prove to be no soldier. Instead, his scholastic energies aided him in his rapid rise through the military. He was eager to use ancient military tricks and tactics in battle. Fazzur was only 18, a mere lieutenant, at Grizzley Peak where his brother died so famously. He led many raids against Sartar and Alda-chur, and commanded a brigade during the invasion of Sartar in 1602. He was present when Runegate fell to the Crimson Bat during that year, and he led the assault upon Boldhome when the Sartar capital was conquered.

Fazzur was in command of the regiment which invaded in feint through the Hendreiki lands in 1605. At the same time the main Lunar Army attacked Esrolia and was defeated by the Building Wall of the Pharaoh. Fazzur pushed aside the defenders and laid waste to the land but was recalled when the main army was defeated. He was heard to complain, afterwards, that he could have marched all the way to Karse if he had been allowed.

Fazzur was second in command when the Lunar Army invaded Prax; he had proposed the invasion plan which worked so easily, but became embroiled in an argument about how to handle the occupied city. He was withdrawn to spend time training the Tarsh Native Army in 1611. He remained in Tarsh, impatiently, for two years reading many scrolls and books.

During the 1613 rebellion in Sartar, the commander there proved himself a drunkard and incompetent in his handling the situation. Fazzur petitioned his brother-in-law, now the King of Tarsh, for command of the relieving troops. He received it and achieved a quick and complete victory. The rebel leaders were either outlawed or killed. Fazzur retained command of the occupying army having proven himself a calm, capable and effective leader.

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