Corrections – Revealed Mythologies (2003)

Please note that the credits in the initial printing of the book fail to include contributor Nick Brooke. We apologize sincerely for this omission.

Pages 12 and 17
The maps for middle and late Fourth Action have been swapped.

Page 39
Footnotes 27, 28, and 30 were obscured because of problems with how Word does layout. The full text of the footnotes is:
27. This was a big deal, instituting the change from shamanism to worship by sacrifice.
28. Including the ancestors of the Trowjang amazons and the early peoples of Teshnos.
30. Indicating the Right Footpath’s “Proper Assembly,” which is the definition of the right way to work with the spirits.

Page 49
Miroune. “She is bad (though not as bad as Miroune) …” should instead read “She is bad (though not as bad as Famorde) …”

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