Teelo Norri

[TEE-loh NOR-ee]

Young Life, one of the Seven Mothers

The ritual through which the Red Goddess was restored apparently required a participant who was ignorant of the ritual’s intent. Teelo Norri was chosen at random from the streets of Torang for that purpose. She is cupbearer to the Red Goddess and also is the source of the Poor Fund movement. There is little real development of her cult, save for people interested in simple protection and innocence. She is revered as the Lunar goddess of youth.

She is always portrayed as a barely pubescent maid, sometimes bearing a cup and dagger.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview4202019
Full Half Moon Phase
HeroQuest Glorantha185 & 1902012
Full Half Moon Phase
Pavis, Gateway to Adventure4052012
Full Half Moon Phase
Cult Compendium992002Notes only
Common and uncommon runes2004Glyph not yet availablePersonal Rune only
Lunar Runes from Hero Wars2001
Cults of Prax451978Other Lunar Cult

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