Merman pantheon — queen of sea beasts

Tholaina is, by several mates, mother of all of the animals of the waters. By a darkness spirit she begat invertebrate things like worms, sea beetles, squid, or lobsters. With a lover from the earth she begat water lizards, sea snakes and lake snappers, and their more fearsome cousins such as Elasmosaurus and Mosasaurus. Through a captured sky being she bore a flock of sea birds, such as the ever-swimming boatbird and wingless giant sea cranes, or those which oft frequent the watery domains such as gulls, terns, ducks, and the blue-feathered sea eagles which can swim. With an arrogant air god she begat those sea creatures which breathe air, like dolphins and whales and seals. But most of all she loved Golod, who is Fish Father. Together they populated the depths and shallows, the cold and warm waters, the places where men frequent and those which they will never see. Thus is the cause of the profusion of fish.

By humans she is often shown in sailor and fisherman temples as a merwoman, arms held out to offer her wealth to their service. She is not depicted by mer-cultures.