JG0230 The Dungeoneer 17 (1980)

An Interview with Greg Stafford by Rudy Kraft

Issue 17, May/Jun 1980 – JG 0230
A 64-page magazine, with cover by Aaron Arocho, includes “Photo Follies”, a look at the Judges Guild new quarters. “Arcane Elders” by J.Mark Hendricks continues, “The Monster Matrix” introduces eight new fearsome creatures. Mike Reagan reviews Swordquest, “Brimstone’s Brew” by Dian Harian shows happenings within her world’s city. Greg Stafford of Chaosium is interviewed by Rudy Kraft. Ree Pruehs offers a “Potion Table”. Geoffrey Tolle lists physical psionics on his chart in “An Expansion of Psionics”. Paul Britt Garcia gives us a seven page matrix of Swords in “30,000 Magic Swords”. Glenn Kuring feels Magic Users should age, and shows how to determine this in “Aging in D&D”. E.Al Hattlestad Jr. gives a chart for determination of dungeons in “Solo Matrix”. David Dougher talks about “Computerized D&D”. Jon Mattson has some “Additional Thoughts on Mystics”, and “The Booty Bag” is full.

The Dungeoneer  #17  May-Jun 1980  64p

   Brimstone's Brew                      - D.Harlan
   Interview: Greg Stafford              - R.Draft
   Potion Tables                         - R.Pruehs
   Expansion of Psionics                 - G.Tolle
   30,000 Magic Swords                   - P.Garcia
   Aging in D&D                          - G.Kuring
   Computerized AD&D                     - D.Dougher
   Some Additional Thoughts on Mystics   - J.Mattson

   The Labortory (editorial)             - C.Anshell
   Photo Follies
   The Arcane Elders                     - J.Hendricks
   Monster Matrix
      - The Orp                          - D.Harlan
      - Beholder Creation                - JP.Pazevic
      - Carnivorous Sheep                - J.Williams
      - Hobblegoblins                    - R.Plamondon
      - Swamp Apes                       - B.Wagner
      - Kill Gazer                       - B.Wagner
      - Lazer Wolf                       - B.Wagner
      - Fog Demon                        - B.Wagner
   The Die is Cast
      - Review of Swordquest (TaskF)     - M.Reagan
   Nose Wet? or No Sweat
                                         - D.Dejarnette
                                         - R.King
   Under Toe - Current Happenings
   Booty Bag
      Zotz                               - D.DeJarnette
   Dungeoneer Depths (mini-dungeon)
      - Solo Matrix                      - EA.Hattlestad,Jr

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