JG0125 The Dungeoneer 15 (1980)

The Tower of Stinking Doom by Steve Marsh, scenario with RQ conversion

Issue 15, Jan/Feb 1980 – JG 0125
A 64-page magazine, with cover by Kevin Siembieda and Bryan Hinnen. Steve Marsh presents a new player class in “Initiates of the White God”, “The Arcane Elders” by J.Mark Hendricks continues, Scott Fordyce’s letters concerning role-playing magic. Third in a series of articles concerning originality in developing characters is Bill Seligman’s “New and Radically Different Combat System”. “The Booty Bag” contains “The Lords and Devices of Dragonking” by James M.Ward, “Questing”, a comic strip by Aaron Arocho, “A Private Hell” by Bryan Hinnen continues, this issue’s specially featured adventure for Runequest is “Tower of the Singing Doom” by Steve Marsh, “under Sky King’s Light” a serial by Bill Paley has it’s final chapter in this issue.

The Dungeoneer  #15  Jan-Feb 1980  64p

   Initiates of the White God            - S.Marsh
   A Magic Compendium                    - S.Fordyce
   A New and Radically Different Combat System    - B.Seligman

   The Labortory (editorial)             - B.Hinnen
   Words & Whips
   The Lords and Devices of Dragonking   - J.Ward
   Under Toe - Current Happenings
   Dungeoneer Depths: Tower of the Singing Doom   - S.Marsh

   Questing                              - A.Arocho
   The Arcane Elders                     - J.Hendricks
   A Private Hell                        - B.Hinner
   Under Sky King's Light                - B.Paley
   The Edge of the Galaxy                - P.Jaquays

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