JG0101 The Dungeoneer 12 (1979)

Ronald Pehr & Paul Jacquays Blutschink: Intelligent bear usable for 5 systems

Issue 12, Jul/Aug 1979 – JG 0101 
A 64-page magazine featuring a cover by Paul Jaquays. “The Arcane Elders”, a serial by J.Mark Hendricks continues. “The Temple of the Eye of Lusan” by Merle Davenport, with graphics by Paul Jaquays is this issue’s specially featured adventure which can be played in three of more time periods. In Dungeon Depths, Bill Paley gives an adventure into the “Horrible Hole of Tim the Mad”. Paul Jaquays supplies legends and pieces of information to help or hinder dungeon delvers on their quest into “Dark Tower”. “Nose Wet or No Sweat” has Mike Kelly’s “Three Dimensional Maze”, Paul Jaquay’s in-depth article on “Fake Color Process” is informative to both the novice and the experienced artist. Mercenary type charts are presented by Bill Paley to aid in producing trained characters from Airspace Command for use with Traveller. A Miniature scenario “Recon in Force Denied” by Bill Paley and Paul Jaquays. Several new monsters are in the “Monster matrix” and “Monster of the Month”.

The Dungeoneer  #12  Jul-Aug 1979  64p

   Fake Color Process                    - P.Jaquays
   Air & Orbital Force Skill Charts      - B.Paley
   Designer Notes (Dark Tower)           - P.Jaquays
   Recon-in-Force Denied                 - B.Paley, P.Jaquays
      - miniature scenario
   Legends of Dark Tower                 - P.Jaquays

   Words & Whips
   The Labortory (editorial)             - C.Anshell
   Nose Wet or No Sweat: 3-D Maze        - M.Kelly
   Under Toe - Current Happenings
   Monster Matrix
      - 4 new monsters
      - The Temple of Lusan              - M.Davenport
      - The Horrible Hole of Tim the Mad - B.Paley
   Booty Bag
      - 5 new magic items

   Questing                              - A.Arocho
   The Arcane Elders                     - J.Hendricks
   Under Sky King's Light                - B.Paley
   The Edge of the Galaxy                - P.Jaquays

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