JG0390 The Dungeoneer’s Journal 23 (1980)

  • How RQ combat Works by Rudy Kraft
  • Runeletters by Paul Jaquays

Issue 23, Oct/Nov 1980 – JG 0390
Now titled: Dungeoneers Journal.
A combined edition, 64-pages long, cover by Paul Jaquays. Features in this edition are: An interview with the creator and mentor of Empire of the Petal Throne, M.A.R.Barker; Douglas Putz suggest and addition to the movement of avian creatures in the wilderness; Alignment Gems by Tom McCloud; Craighton Hippenhammer elaborates on Judges Guild’s City State of the World Emperor; a new slice and hack system by David Rechs; Tomb be or not tomb be… “Simpleton’s Tomb”, a mini-dungeon by Vic Mather; Matt Ring introduces four BASIC computer DM programs to help your judging; use a personal computer for your characters are explained in “The Mini-Computer in Traveller” by William Fawcett; Rudy Kraft helps explain the Runequest Combat System; the continuing tale of Princess Genesee and her never ending battle for truth and justice by Robert Fester; Life in the Elven woods, “Pereohel”, a fictional story by Keven Paul Wichart (are all things Elven?); “Death Bell” by Todd Samost (it rings for thee…); “A Trip to the Underworld No.3” written by Bill Paley; Paul Jaquays discusses monsters and spells and miscellaneous things about Runequest in “Runeletters”, and four new and interesting monsters inhabit the Monster Matrix.

The Dungeoneers Journal  #23  Oct/Nov 1980   64p

      - More Mish-mosh from Samurai Editor
   Booty Bag                                      - K.King
   Tips from the Tower
      - Items of utmost importance

   Interview with M.A.R Barker                    - R.Kraft
   Wilderness Movement Addition                   - D.Puts
   Gems of Kemble                                 - T.McCloud
   City State of the World Emperor                - C.Hippenhammer
   New Attack System                              - D.Rechs
   Monster Matrix
      - 4 new monsters
   Fire vs Monster                                - D.Putz
   Magic Item Generator                           - W.Ives
   Mini-Dungeon: Simpleton's Tomb                 - V.Mather
   DM Programs                                    - M.Rings
   The Mini-Computer in Traveller                 - W.Fawcett
   How Runequest Combat Works                     - R.Kraft

   Rattling Bones                                 - R.Fester
   Pereohel                                       - KP.Wichart
   Death Bell                                     - T.Samost

   A Trip to the Underworld #3                    - B.Paley
   Runeletters                                    - P.Jaquays

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