JG0115 The Dungeoneer 14 (1979)

Issue 14, Nov/Dec 1979 – JG 0115
A 64-page magazine, Special Runequest issue with cover by Paul Jaquays. “The Die is Cast”, Paul Jaquays reviews Snakpipe Hallow. “Aardvarks in Fantasy Gaming” by Paul Jaquays, featuring Cerebus the Battling Aardvark. “Cult of the Spear”, a subcult of Orlanth by Steve Marsh. “A Private Hell” by Bryan Hinnen continues with chater four. “The Cult of Magma, the Volcano God” by Rudy Craft, a cult for Runequest. “Throwing in D&D” by Jon-Pierre Pazevic, a system for throwing objects. Steve Marsh has some interesting ideas in “Suggested Player Cult Outline”. “The Queston of Amor Class” by Rusty Lamont is base on his seminar at MichiCon VIII. “Under Sky King’s Light” by Bill Paley the story goes on as Lilly battles a giant skunk with obvious results. “The Cult of Uleria” by Steve Marsh, a cult based on Aphrodite. “Up-gunning Monsters? Bah Humbug” by Bill Paley, are super powerful monsters really necessary.

The Dungeoneer  #14  Nov-Dec 1979  64p
* denotes special Runequest article

   Aardvarks in Fantasy Gaming         * - P.Jaquays
   Cult of the Spear                   * - S.Marsh
   Zantius                               - J.Lind
   The Cult of Magma, the Volcano God  * - R.Kraft
   Throwing in D&D                       - JP.Pazevic
   Suggested Player Cult Outline       * - S.Marsh
   The Question of Armor Class           - R.Lamont
   The Cult of Uleria                  * - S.Marsh
   Upgunning Monsters? Bh Humbug!        - B.Paley
   Ordained Charisma                     - R.Langhorne, D.Mackenzie
   Symbols, Runes, Wards and Bans        - S.Marsh
   From Whence Cometh Magic?             - R.Thomas

   The Labortory (editorial)             - B.Hinnen
   Under Toe - Current Happenings
   The Die is Cast
      - Review of Snakepipe Hollow (Chaos) * - M.Reagan
   Words & Whips
   Dungeoneer Depths: Stand and Hold   * - R.Bingham
   Runeletters                         * - P.Jaquays
   Monster Matrix                      * - G.Stafford
   Booty Bag

   A Private Hell                        - B.Hinner
   Under Sky King's Light                - B.Paley
   The Arcane Elders                     - J.Hendricks
   Questing                              - A.Arocho
   The Edge of the Galaxy                - P.Jaquays

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