JG0470 Dungeoneer’s Journal 25 (1981)

  • Sphinx Rock Lions by Steve Marsh
  • Runemasters review by Clayton Minor
  • Plunder review by Clayton Minor

Issue 25, Feb/Mar 1981 – JG 0470
A 64-page magazine featuring Kevin Siembieda art on the front cover. Once again Bill Paley’s material appears, this time as a short story titled “Sea Devils”. In the area of game variants there is “The College Options for Traveller” by Charles M.Cook, as well as “Lycanthropy” by Geoffrey Tole, and “Martial Arts” by Jon Reinecke. Mike Billington brings up the point of Monster Intelligence in “The Amazine Dissappearing !”. Tom Jones presents “Politics Intrigue Guidelines”. The pull-out adventure in this issue is “Shalizar’s Tower” by David Dougher. Lewis Pulsipher discusses “The Essence of a Good Wargame”, and Terrance Mikrut looks at “Shopping for Armor”. As an extra feature, there is a Role Playing mini-adventure by Kevin Garbelman titled “Harahalat the Dragon”. Donald L.Spidell sends players on a lenghty trek “In the Tesseract”. Illicit substance make an apearance in role-playing in Geoffrey O.Dale’s “Some Words on Funny Chemicals”. As usual, the Booty Bat and the Monster Matrix are filled with unique finds to spice up campaigns with.

The Dungeoneers Journal  #25  Feb/Mar 1981  64p

      - What's going on at the Guild
   Sea Devils                                     - B.Paley
      - Fantasy story about Sahuagin
   The College Option in Traveller                - C.Cooker
      - Higher education for the Traveller Character
   Monster Matrix
      - 11 monters
   Lycanthropy                                    - G.Tolle
      - Other kinds of Lycanthropy
   Martian Arts                                   - J.Reinecke
      - Charts for the use of Martial Arts in D&D
   Convention Compendium
   The Amazing Disappearing "   "!                - M.Billington
   Political Intrigue Guidelines                  - T.Jones
      - Tomes guidelines developed for Machiavellian personalities
   Shalizar's Tower                               - D.Dougher
      - 8 page mini-dungeon
   Awards Announcement
   Official Origins Awards Nomination Ballot
   Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design
   The Essence of a Good Wargame                  - L.Pulsipher
      - What makes a good game?
   Shopping for Armor                             - T.Mikrut
      - Reflection on armor
   Harahalat the Dragon                           - K.Garbelman
      - Challenge for Dragon Hunters
   In the Tesseract                               - D.Spidell
      - 6th Demensional room
   The Booty Bag
      - 5 magic items
   Review of Runemasters (Chaosium)               - C.Miner
   Review of Raid on Iran (SJG)                   - R.Lagerstrom
   Review of Plunder (Chaosium)                   - C.Miner
   The Thespain Judge                             - D.Emigh
      - Advice to the good Judge
   Some Words on Funny Chemicals                  - G.Dale
      - Drug use in D&D

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