JG0084 The Dungeoneer 10 (1979)

Judges Guild 1979 Game N/A RuneQuest Review, by Paul Jaquays

Issue 10, Mar/Apr 1979 – JG 0084,
This 66-page magazine feature a cover by Paul Jaquays on “A Private Hell”, a fiction series by Bryan Hinnen contained within. This “Arcane Elders” by J.Mark Hendricks ran seven pages of action and another fiction serial by Bill Paley entitled “Under Sky King’s Light” ran for four pages. Bill Seligman continued his series on his Fantasy Role-Playing System begain in Dungeoneer No.7 by detailing his experience/skill acquisition and researching spells in an eight page article “A New and Radically Different Skills System”. Ten monsters for D&D were featured in this issue in the “Monster Matrix”. Rusty Lamont put forth much effort to provide a “Name Generator” with 997 possible names for D&Ders everywhere. “Space: The Gaming Frontier” by Bill Paley, fantasy role-playing need not be earthbound. “Half-Ogres and Anti-Paladins” by Paul Nevins, adding two unusual character class types can help maintain interest in large campaigns. Looking for Judges in your area, “The Lords of Valor” list 33 with addresses from New York to California. “Effects and Uses of Poisons”, an informative 3 page article by Steve Marsh. “Nose Wet or No Sweat”, some “Tricks and Traps” by Bill Paley. “The Die is Cast”, reviews of The Lord of the Ring – The Movie, 4th Dimension by TSR, The Apprentice, Icerigger plus a 2 page review of Runequest by Paul Jaquays. “The Boot Bag” contains three magic items by Jon-Pierre Pazevic. “Pyramid of Ra-Dok”, a five page mini-dungeon by Patrick Westfall. “The Edge of the Galaxy” by Paul Jaquays, the continous saga of “Old Gory”.

The Dungeoneer  #10  Mar-Apr 1979  64p

   A New Skills System                   - B.Seligman
   Scrapfaggot Green Correction Sheets   
   Name Generator                        - R.Lamont
   Space, The Gaming Frontier            - B.Paley
   Half-Ogres and Anti-Paladins          - P.Nevins
   Effects and Uses of Poison            - S.Marsh
   Corrections for Issue 9               - P.Jaquays

   The Arcane Elders                     - J.Hendricks
   A Private Hell                        - B.Hinner
   Under Sky King's Light                - B.Paley
   The Edge of the Galaxy                - P.Jaquays

   The Labortory (editorial)             - C.Anshell
   Under Toe - Current Happenings
   Monster Matrix
      - 10 monsters
   Lords of Valor
   Nose Wet? or No Sweat!                - B.Paley
   The Die is Cast
      - The Movie: The Lord of the Rings - B.Paley
      - 4th Deminsion (TSR)              - C.Anshell
      - The Apprenticd 3                 - C.Anshell
      - Ice Rigger                       - C.Anshell
      - Runequest                        - P.Jaquays
   Booty Bag
      - 4 magic items
   Words and Whips
      - Pyramid of Ra-Dok                - P.Westfall

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