JG0094 The Dungeoneer 11 (1979)

Not listed in the Table of contents: A Quick RuneQuest Scenario by Greg Stafford. Uses JG Citadel of Fire for the Howling Tower in the Upland Marsh.

Issue 11, May/Jun 1979 – JG 0094 
A 68-page magazine, this issue featured cover by Paul Jaquays, depicting a scene from “Under Sky King’s Light” by Bill Paley, five more pages of the continous saga of Lilly, Warrior Maiden. “The Arcane Elders” by J.Mark Hendricks, Lute and Ralph continue on their journey. Paul Jaquays and Aaron Arocho join forces in “To Curse the Darkness”, a start of a new cartoon series. “A Private Hell” by Bryan Hinnen continues with Chapter IV. Some “Thoughts on the Speed of a Lightning Bolt” by James Ward, can a Wizard hold his own against the Fighter? On “Creating Computer Gaming” by William Pixley, hints about computer games includes Bill’s game program for “Swordsmen”. “Nose Wet or No Sweat” by Tom Cooper Jr., things aren’t always as they seem. “The Booty Bag”, “Helms of the Planets” by Ronald Pehr. “Faith, an Alternative to Clerical Spells” by Thomas A McCloud. “The Die is Cast”, Bryan Hinnen reviews Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. “The Wet Navy Meets the Space Fleet”, or Mercenary-style Charts for Nautical Force Command in Traveller by Bill Paley. Monster Matrix, Scott Johnson give statistics for seven monsters. “A Quick Runequest Scenario” by Greg Stafford. “The Legend of Maramis the Elf (XIII)” by Ronald Pehr, a lovely elf-maid in search of adventures. “Wilderness” by Brya Hinnen, life outside the dungeon. “The Lost Lair” by Paul Jaquays, 6 pages with maps for The Fantasy Trip: Melee and Wizard. “The Edge of the Galaxy” Part 4 by Paul Jaquays, the cartoon saga goes on.

The Dungeoneer  #11  May-Jun 1979  64p

   A New Skills System                    - B.Seligman
   Contribution Requirements 
   Thoughts on Lighting                   - J.Ward
   Creating a Computer Game & Swordsman   - B.Pixley
   Faith                                  - T.McCloud
   Wet Navy Meets Space Fleet (Traveller) - B.Paley
   On Magic                               - B.Seligman, P.Bonewits
   Maramis the Elf                        - R.Pehr
   Wilderness                             - B.Hinnen
   Creepy Critters                        - A.Arocho

   The Arcane Elders                      - J.Hendricks
   Questing                               - A.Arocho, P.Jaquays
   A Private Hell                         - B.Hinner
   Under Sky King's Light                 - B.Paley

   The Labortory (editorial)              - C.Anshell
   Words and Whips
   Booty Bag: Helms                       - R.Pehr
   Nose Wet? or No Sweat!                 - B.Paley
   Monster Matrix                         - S.Johnson
   The Die is Cast
   Mini-Dungeon (for TFT)                 - P.Jaquays
      - The Lost Lair

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