ISS1307 Blood Over Gold: The Trader Princes of Maniria (2007)

  • The Trader Princes of Maniria By Jeff Kyer
  • Product Number ISS1307.
  • ISBN 978-0-9777853-1-5.
  • $24.95 136 pages, standard format
  • Latest update: 2 Jul 2008
  • Blood Over Gold is intended for both players and narrators.

Across Maniria with Sword and Silvertongue…

The Trader Princes preside over a network of interlocked noble Houses ruling vast tracts of Maniria through treaties, bargains, and pacts. Over four hundred years ago, the Closing blocked all sea travel, and Saint Caselain began his epic journey from Ralios to Esrolia to save his people. He bargained with non-human krjalki, blue-stained barbarians, and beast-worshipping savages to establish his Trade Path. Since then, the Trader Princes have grown wealthy and powerful as caravans carrying goods from everywhere travel under the protection of their knights and castles. Forty years ago, the seas Opened, undoing everything. Many Houses have sunk into despair and decay, abandoning their heritage to become petty lords over barbarian peoples. However, a few struggle to retain their way of life, seeking new paths as they following in the footsteps of their saintly founder, Caselain the Wanderer.

What’s in this book?

This book contains everything needed to explore the dangerous life of working for a Trader Prince. It includes four new homelands, extensive background information on trade and travel in the Manirian wilderness, barbarian customs, Trader Prince Houses, and new occupation and magical keywords. Other sections include a gazetteer detailing Western Maniria, House Caroman (a “typical” Trader Prince family), and their home, the demon-haunted city of Fay Jee. Also provided are numerous adventures and scenario seeds, gathered into a story arc that allows the heroes to rise from humble beginnings to the very pinnacle of their House.

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