ISS1002 Hero’s Book: Playing HeroQuest (2003)

Hero’s Book, Playing in the Hero Wars
  Product Number ISS 1002. ISBN 1-929052-13-8. $12.95
  64 pages, standard format

By Mark Galeotti and Greg Stafford.
Based on HeroQuest.

Illustrated by Simon Bray, Heather Bruton, Marc Moreno, and others.
Cover art by Lee Moyer.

Hero’s Book is everything a player needs to know to play HeroQuest. It contains all of the game’s key rules, as well as many tips for creating effective heroes, using the rules to their advantage, and roleplaying in the world of Glorantha without being intimidated by its vast scope and history. Many examples show beginning players how to get the most out of the game.

The rules are 32 pages long, but much of that is made up of text explaining attitude and approach. The actual rules are less than half of the text in this section. Another 16 pages each are dedicated to Orlanthi barbarians and Imperial adventurers, with art to enhance and invite the newcomer to share in the Gloranthan vision. Also includes 12 beginning characters (6 Heortling, 6 Lunar) as examples or even for use as players’ first heroes, as well as two complete hero bands, ready for the new heroes to join.

Table of Contents

  •     Welcome to the Hero Wars
  •     Making Your Hero
  •     Playing the Game
  •     Relationships
  •     Hero Bands
  •     Magic and the Gods (including Common Magic)
  •     The Heortlings
  •          Who Are We?
  •          The Kingdom of Sartar
  •          The Storm Tribe
  •          Your First Heortling Hero
  •          Six Sample Heortling Heroes
  •          Sample Hero Band: Garrulf’s Pathfinders
  •     The Lunars
  •          Who Are We?
  •          The Lunar Empire
  •          Gods of the Empire
  •          Your First Lunar Hero
  •          Six Sample Lunar Heroes
  •          Sample Hero Band: The Intrepid Company
  • Index

Hero’s Book – Corrections (2004)

Page 10In the left column, the magic section, 3rd paragraph, states: “An initiate, and can learn magical affinities.” This should read “An initiate can call for divine aid, and can learn magical affinities.”

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