ISS1302 Imperial Lunar Handbook – Volume 1 – Lunar Empire (2003)

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  • ISBN 1-929052-04-9.
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    72 pages, standard format

By Martin Laurie, Wesley Quadros, and Mark Galeotti.

Issaries Inc. regrets the oversight that meant that Nick Brooke – who created much of the foundational material on Carmania, on which the relevant sections of this book drew – has not received appropriate credit. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his valuable contribution to helping shape the Lunar Empire.

Imperial Lunar Handbook is the essential guide to the vast Lunar Empire. Mighty and magical, decadent and dynamic, conquering and liberating, the Empire is rich and complex, a land of heroes, soldiers, and missionaries. It is a fusion of many disparate regions, each with its own beliefs, customs, and magic. Over all, the Red Moon guides and the Son of the Goddess rules.

Volume 1 provides an overview of the Lunar Empire and the religion of the Red Goddess that holds it together. It contains character generation for all of the major Homelands of the Empire, as well as maps and details of two sample organizations, the Seeburn Association and Immanent Action Liberation. Future volumes will concentrate on the most important regions within the Empire, beginning with the Lunar Religion, and later including Dara Happa, Rinliddi, and Carmania.

Table of Contents

  • We Are All Us
  • Children of the Goddess
  • What Everyone Knows
  • All Her Children
  • A Timeline of the Lunar Empire
  • Heroes and Other Exceptions
  • Map (Political)
  • She Guides Us, He Rules Us
  • The View from the Moon
  • Map (Regions/Ethnic)
  • Homelands
    • Homeland: Dara Happa
  • Under the Red Moon
  • First Blessed
    • Homeland: Rinliddi
  • Kostaddi
  • Sylila
    • Homeland: Sylila
  • Darjiin
    • Homeland: Darjiin
  • Doblian
  • Oronin
    •        Homeland: Pelanda
  • The Western Reaches
    •        Homeland: Carmania
  • Silver Shadow
  • Karasal
  • Oraya
  • The Lunar Provinces
    •        Homeland: Lunar Provinces
  • Hero Bands
    • Stone Poets
    • Seventh Chance File
  • Associations
    • The Seeburn Association
  • Index


Corrections for Imperial Lunar Handbook.

  • Page 1 Change the “Commentary, concepts, and additional material” paragraph to read as follows: “Commentary, concepts, and additional material by Nick Brooke, Dave Camoirano, Chris Gidlow, David Hall, Kevin Jacklin, Stephen Martin, Peter Metcalfe, Michael O’Brien, Jonas Schiott, and Greg Stafford.
  • Page 1 Nick Brooke should be credited for the the foundational material on Carmania, on which the relevant sections of this book drew. Issaries apologizes for the oversight.
  • Page 25 Shargash Keyword — Soul Sight should be Soul Vision.
  • Page 43 Aronius Jaranthir — Aronius delivered the secret weapon against Sheng Seleris to the Emperor in 4/51 (1460 S.T.).

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