ISS1303 Masters of Luck and Death (2004)

Hero Bands for the Hero Wars

  • Product Number ISS1303.
  • ISBN 1-929052-17-0. $15.95
  • 72 pages, standard format
  • Cover Art by Angelo Montanin

This book takes the hero band rules from HeroQuest and puts them into practice. Each of the twenty-seven hero bands has a purpose for being in the Dragon Pass area, where the Hero Wars will start. Most are drawn from one of the homelands featured in HeroQuest, thus allowing new players an immediate home for their heroes. Five additional sections give tips about how to play in a campaign oriented around a certain type of hero: fighters, healers, scholars, wanderers and adventurers (merchants, entertainers, etc.), and magicians.

This book has something for everyone: Donandar entertainers, draconic scholars, feuding healers, Imperial magicians, Geo’s Inn, and the Slayers of Harrek. Old fans will recognize bands such as the Comet Seers, Sword Brothers, and the Temple of the Wooden Sword, old favorites given new life in this book. Old and new fans alike will enjoy the new information presented here on Dragon Pass, Glorantha, and their inhabitants. Latest update 16 Sep 2004.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Band Together
  • Living by the Sword: Playing in a Fighters’ Campaign (by Mark Galeotti and Peter Nordstrand)
  • Sword Brothers (by Martin Hawley)
  • Forloss Raiders (by Peter Nordstrand)
  • Golden Bow Society (by David Dunham)
  • The Hidden Gale (by Greg Stafford)
  • Temple of the Wooden Sword (by Peter Nordstrand)
  • Sea Skippers (by Greg Stafford and Martin Hawley)
  • Silver Shields (by Mark Galeotti)
  • The Wounded World: Playing in a Healers’ Campaign (by Bruce Ferrie, Mark Galeotti, and Peter Nordstrand)
  • Berinda’s Daughters (by Peter Nordstrand)
  • Little Sisters (by Jamie “Trotsky” Revell and Peter Nordstrand)
  • The Yellow Peony (by Jamie “Trotsky” Revell)
  • The White Chapel of Purity (by Martin Hawley)
  • Searching for Truth: Playing in a Scholars’ Campaign (by Mark Galeotti)
  • Servants of the Almighty Dragons (by Peter Nordstrand) Bevegoroi’s Open Eyes (by Mark Galeotti)
  • Jevdur Knowledge Temple (by Mark Galeotti)
  • Black and White Owls (by Jamie “Trotsky” Revell)
  • Life in the Shadows: Playing in a Criminal Campaign (by Mark Galeotti)
  • Footloose and Fancy Free: Playing in a Wanderers’ and Adventurers’ Campaign (by Bruce Ferrie, Mark Galeotti, and Peter Nordstrand)
  • Geo’s Creek Inn (by Jeff Kyer)
  • The Fabulous Hunting Troupe (by Jamie “Trotsky” Revell) Captain Dashwood’s Traveling Show (by Ian Thomson)
  • The Garden of Delightful Mobility (by Peter Nordstrand)
  • Laughing It Up: Playing in an Entertainers’ Campaign (by Bruce Ferrie and Mark Galeotti)
  • Ibex Moon Society (by Greg Stafford)
  • Society of the White Bear (by Jeff Kyer)
  • Power and Passion: Playing in a Magicians’ Campaign (by Mark Galeotti and Peter Nordstrand)
  • Elemental Progression Diagram
  • Eaglebrowns (by Mark Galeotti)
  • Comet Seers (by Mark Galeotti)
  • Five-Rune Ring (by Peter Nordstrand)
  • Two-Handed Brotherhood (by Mark Galeotti)
  • Servants of the Wild (by Jamie “Trotsky” Revell)
  • Diagram of the Wild Temple
  • The School of Ronos Allwinds (by Peter Larsen and Stephen Martin)
  • Elemental Associations Table
  • Hero Band Record Sheet
  • Index

Additional Credits

  • Sword Man by Chris Lemens
  • Anatyr Ring by Jerome Blondel
  • Barantaros by Greg Stafford and Martin Hawley
  • The Wolf Pirates by Mark Galeotti and Greg Stafford Saint Bertrorl by Mark Galeotti
  • Mother’s Little Helpers by Roderick Robertson
  • Kesta the Preparer by Stephen Martin and Peter Nordstrand
  • Ulflodell the Inspired by Mark Galeotti and Stephen Martin
  • Concentrating Donandar and Lanbril Magic by Issaries, Inc.

Masters of Luck and Death – Corrections (2005)

Page 7In the Sword Man keyword, the “Other Side” entry should read, “The Sword Man inhabits the Great Arena, bringing monsters and demons to test the spirits of his followers, who train for the final day.”
Page 241st column, last full paragraph Replace the first sentence with the following: “Since the Siege of Whitewall, when the Bat was again used…”
Page 25Membership Keyword, Magic — Third sentence, change to “…most members tend to follow Lunar or theist goddesses, such as Teelo Norri…” (change marked in bold)”
Page 27The illustration on this page is © Copyright Issaries, Inc.
Page 35The rune next to Ulflodell the Inspired’s Inspiration affinity is incorrect; it should be the Disorder rune.

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