ISS1305 Men of the Sea (2004)

  • Product Number ISS1305.
  • ISBN 1-929052-23-5. $19.95
  • 80 pages, standard format
  • By Martin Hawley with Nick Davison, Simon Bray, David Dunham, Mark Galeotti, Stephen Martin, Jamie “Trotsky” Revell, Roderick Robertson, Greg Stafford, and Nils Weinander.
  • Cover art by Boris Sirbey.

The oceans of Glorantha are terrifying but beautiful; awe-inspiring yet full of terrible dangers. Their mysterious depths pull at the inner being of humankind, yearning for them to return to the source of all life. Their waves and currents offer heroes adventure, glory, and plunder; an exciting life for some, a quick death for others.
Men of the Sea explores the seas, coasts, and islands of Glorantha through the eyes of sailor heroes. It introduces eight new homelands for heroes, describes the many different ways that sailors worship Dormal the Opener, explores life as a sailor, and provides full rules for applying the HeroQuest rules to sea-borne contests. Men of the Sea teaches players how to navigate their heroes across the wonderful, dangerous waters of Glorantha–brave or foolhardy, these sailors ply the seas in search of fame, fortune, and knowledge. Latest update: 7 Jun 2005


  • A Sailor’s Life for Me
  • What Every Sailor Knows
    • A Brief History of the Oceans
    • The Open Seas
  • Those Men of the Sea
  • We Men of the Sea
  • It’s Not Just a Job. . .
  • Sailor Heroes
    • New and Changed Occupations
    • Common Magic
    • Ships as Followers
  • The Life of a Sailor
    • The Law of the Sea
    • A Ship of Your Own
  • Dormal
    • The Seven Voyages of Dormal
  • Maritime Homelands
    • Homeland: Quinpolic League
    • Homeland: Rightarm Islands
    • Homeland: Suam Chow
    • Homeland: Haragala
    • Homeland: Maslo
    • Homeland: Kareeshtu
    • Homeland: Malki Coasts
    • Homeland: Ozur Bay
  • A Year in the Life of a Sailor
  • All at Sea
  • Ships in HeroQuest
    • Sailing in Glorantha
  • Using Ships in Contests
  • Sailing Hazards
  • Ports of Call
  • Maelstrom Sailing: The Oceans and Seas of Glorantha
  • Sample Hero Bands
    • The Coastfinders
    • Sailors of the Seabird Army
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Corrections – updated: 29 Jan 2005

  • Page 1 The list of “Additional Contributions” is missing an entry for Jeff Kyer. Our apologies to Jeff for this oversight.
  • Page 28 The stats for a Haragalan Tallship do not include its main armament, the Sunscope. Unlike other ship-board weapons like ballistae and catapults, a sunscope does not have a fixed weapon bonus. The effect of the sunscope depends on the strength of the enchantments on the crystal and the mirror and on the magical prowess of the operators.
  • Page 67 1st paragraph — due to a computer crash during layout, a correction to the text was lost. The third and fourth paragraphs should be changed to read as follows: Vostels sits at the mouth of the Ediruss River, whose banks are lined with black, foul-smelling mud that somehow does not enter the harbor (which is of poor quality). Vostels is subject to the city of Tortrica, which sits on the coast to the southwest of Vostels. Tortrica’s ruler, Prince Mornth, maintains the only cavalry unit in Umathela despite the difficulty of keeping horses healthy in Pamaltela.

Additional Material

Map of the oceans, with all ports mentioned in Men of the Sea. Cartography by Stephen Tempest. JPEG format, full color (455 kB)

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