CHA4034 Red Book of Magic – Chapter 03 Spirit Magic Spells Q&A

Official Answers from Chaosium

Spirit Magic Spells (page 108)

Spell NameRBMRQGPointsCostNotes
Binding Enchantment130L
BladesharpVar.50 L/pt
BludgeonVar.50 L/pt
Control (entity) 111150-150 LCommand Cult Spirit vs Control (Entity)
Coordination2125 L
CountermagicVar.50 L/pt
Darkwall2200 L
Demoralize2150 L
Detect Enemies 130 LSupersedes RQG
Detect Life130 LSupersedes RQG
Detect Magic130 LSupersedes RQG
Detect Spirit130 LSupersedes RQG
Detect (substance)130 LSupersedes RQG
Detect Trap230 LSupersedes RQG
Detect Undead130 LSupersedes RQG
Dispel MagicVar.50 L/pt
Disruption150 L
Distraction175 LSupersedes RQG
DullbladeVar.50 L/pt
ExtinguishVar.50 L/pt
Fanaticism1100 L
FarseeVar.50 L/pt
Firearrow2250 L
Fireblade1142624400 LSupersedes RQG
Glamour2100 L
GlueVar.50 L/pt
Heal116Var.50 L/pt
Ignite150 L
IronhandVar.50 L/pt
Lantern130 LCult special, Yelmalio only. Supersedes RQG
Light150 L
Lightwall4300 L
Magic Point Enchantment130 L
Mobility150 L
MultimissileVar.100 L/pt
ParryVar.50 L/pt
ProtectionVar.50 L/pt
RepairVar.50 L/pt
Rivereyes130 L
Second Sight3100 L
ShimmerVar.75 L/pt
Silence150 L
Sleep3300 LCult special, Chalana Arroy Only
Slow150 L
Speedart175 L
Spell Matrix Enchantment130 L
Spirit Binding1150 L
Spirit ScreenVar.50 L/pt
Strength2100 L
Summon (entity)1variable
Vigor2100 L
Visibility2100 L
Not all spells have a section below

Control (entity) (page 111)

See also Command Cult Spirit vs Control (Entity)

Spirit rune

Fireblade (page 114)

I think there is a problem with Fireblade. A 4pt spell meant to be used by a melee combatant that has a better than even chance of going away if they take damage/are surprised/cast another spell is somewhere between totally overpriced and useless. Is this how you mean it to be?

It’s incredibly deadly for a spirit magic spell, doing 3d6 + damage bonus (11-14 pts. on average). That’s often enough to chew through most armor and incapacitate a limb, and has the chance of being a one-shot takedown if it hits the head, torso, or abdomen. It can do special/critical damage (it doesn’t say it doesn’t, so assume it does). You can parry or Dodge while the spell is up. If it is interrupted by failing the concentration check, it can be re-cast on the same weapon almost immediately.  

To us, that seems neither overpriced nor useless, but if you feel that it is, Your Glorantha May Vary.

Spirit rune

If someone has Fireblade on an iron sword, do they deal 2x the fireblade damage to a troll or elf? 

No. It is now magically a magical blade of fire, not iron. Roll for the Fireblade damage instead. 

Spirit rune

This damage cannot be magically resisted because it is real physical damage from the heat of the fire.

Fireblade, page 114

What does this mean? Just that Countermagic doesn’t work? Or also that magical armour and protection spells don’t?

The damage is not magical in nature, but physical. If your magical armor protects from physical damage (fire) then that’s fine.

Look at Fire in RQG page 157, armor, shield and protection spells can protect against flame. Bear in mind when looking at this section that Fireblade is a directed weapon used in combat.

Heal (page 115)

If you want to cast a heal an unconscious friend, do you have to roll POW vs POW in order to succeed?

p. 244 heavily implies so. “A target always resists a spell unless that target voluntarily and knowingly accepts the spell.”

Yes, however your GM may rule otherwise. We suggest that unconscious friends do not resist Healing spells, but do suggest they resist broos casting Disruption.

Spirit rune

Heal cannot raise an adventurer from the dead. However, 2 points of Heal will cauterize any wound or severed limb, and 6 points of Heal will restore a severed limb to the body if both parts are available.

Heal, page 262

Does this mean Heal 2 (to cauterize) and Heal 6 (to restore severed limb),


or does it mean a person could use Heal 1 cast 6 times in a row could reattach a limb and twice in a row could cauterize a wound?


Spirit rune

Does Heal 6 to restore a severed limb also repair 6 points of damage? I’ve always assumed it does, but I’m playing with an equally experienced person who has always assumed it doesn’t…

Yes. My emphasis:

This spell repairs damage done to hit points. The caster must touch the part of the body being healed. Each point of Heal immediately repairs 1 hit point in that location



and 6 points of Heal restores a severed limb to the body if all parts are available.

Red Book of Magic, page 115 / RQG, page 262

In summary, Heal 6

  • immediately repairs 6 hit points in that location.
  • stops the bleeding of any wound or severed limb
  • restores a severed limb to the body if all parts are available

FYI the wording was identical in RQ1 & 2, RQ3 didn’t allow reattachment of limbs.

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