Doraddi Pantheon

This category includes the deities of both the Doraddi and the Artmali.

The Artmali are a relic of the Godtime. In the Golden Age, the Artmali Empire ruled central Pamaltela in a glorious cold-blooded reign. Their heartless perfection could not withstand the brute vitality of the invading storm gods, and their culture vanished. Today, the Artmali Empire is remembered only by its descendants, the slaves of Fonrit and the Veldang people.

After the Artmali disaster, the Doraddi people rose. Their new gods defeated the enemies of Pamaltela and set up a way of life which has survived to the present.

Most of Pamaltela is rolling grasslands cut by seasonal rivers which rage in the wet winter and dry up in the summer. The Doraddi are semi-nomadic horticulturists and hunters living in extended families. Their religion mirrrors their lifestyle with a lively family of gods whose quarrels are petty and endless until threatened by outsiders. Mythology includes both cosmological events and explanations of the myriad social mores and restrictions.

Most plains-dwellers belong to the nomadic Doraddi culture. In the last few centuries, the Kresh wagoneers have risen. Their religion is derived from that of the nomadic Doraddi, but their culture differs in crucial details.

The members of the Doraddi Pantheon include:

The Doraddi also revere the Old gods.

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