Chaos Pantheon

In the darkest part of the Storm Age, when all the Gods were at war or dead, the Unholy Trio completed their mad plot and ruptured the boundaries of the universe. The world structure cracked and the gods of chaos stepped forth from the void. They spread over all the world, destroying, corrupting, and tainting almost everything. The World Mountain vanished in a clap of thunder. Only the most desperate sacrifices by every living thing prevented the ultimate destruction of the universe. Since the Great Compromise of the gods, the chaos threat has been reduced. However, it still lurks in the hinterland, and can now never be completely expelled.

In some places devout chaos worshipers are normal human beings, socially refined and well-educated. In other lands chaos worshipers are the wretched descendants of cursed gods, from whence stem the broos, krarshtkids, and scorpion people. Some chaos things are perversions of reality, like the charnjibber, a Pamaltelan monster which reshapes itself into a tentacled version of whatever it ate last. Some are pure horror, like vampires, or the slime which eats away Dorastor.

The members of the Chaos Pantheon include:

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