Praxian Pantheon

Also known as the Praxian Tradition

Praxian mythology is involved with the suppression of Chaos and their ancestors’ struggle to renew Life. It glorifies co-operation, hardiness, generosity, and energetic activity. The Praxians know that their land was once a fertile paradise, but it is now blighted and ruined by the invasion of Chaos. The ancestors of the modem animal nomads aided their gods and remain as the only survivors of the final catastrophe. Their god, Waha, taught the wretched remainder of humanity a new way of life perfectly suited for survival in that harsh region.

The animal nomads live in the Wastelands, and believe Prax to be their holy land. Most claim descent from Waha or another prominent god. The religion has little support outside its native region though it is tolerated in some border lands.

The animal nomads have five main tribes: Bison Riders, Sable Riders, Impala Riders (who are pygmies), Alticamelus Riders, and the non-human Morocanth.

The members of the Praxian Pantheon include:

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