CHA1002 Nomad Gods (1977, 2017)

Nomad Gods, 1977 By Greg Stafford

Greg Sez:

Nomad Gods was conceived as part of my initial fantasy board game series. I wanted to make a game that had no fixed territorial objective. I’d never seen such. I had recently read a book about the nomadic peoples of central Asia, and was considering a game in which the nomads were the antagonists, and the empires of Rome, the Middle East, India and China were just targets to be victimized. I transferred ideas from that to the fantasy game.

This game was my first exploration of Prax, its peoples, and of the lost city of Pavis. I had wanted to make the nomadic tribes distinct, and decided that differentiating the creatures they rode would be a good way to individualize the tribes. Once again, the board game defined a large part of Glorantha and established the ground upon which 30 later years of Glorantha publication has grown.

We never reprinted this game, which had perhaps 2000 copies of the first edition. We were just too busy with other projects. The French company, Oriflam, did do a fantastic edition in 1994, called Les Dieux Nomades, It uses the later Dragon pass rules and its components were far superior quality to Chaosium’s (as was usual with the French publications of our games.)

YearName & EditionPublisherSKUNotes
1977Nomad GodsChaosiumCHA10022000 copies
1995Les Dieux NomadesOriflamIn French, a second edition.
1998Nomad GodsWith permission of ChaosiumConvulsion 3D tournament copies (5) based on 1977 edition. Full size map and bound rulebook.
2012Nomad Gods VASSAL module (2012)with permission of Moon DesignBased on Chaosium (1977) edition
2017Nomad Gods rule bookChaosiumCHA1002-PDFThe PDF rules were produced as part of the Khan of Khans by the Chaosium Kickstarter, funded on January 31, 2017.
Nomad Gods Map from VASSAL

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