28 – Disciple and Traitor


Just noticed that the Lunar’s armour and blades are iron, is that so? How come?
Kalin Kadiev- Jar-Eel’s armor is iron. If you notice, the armor and weapons of the Bloodspillers is lighter and more blueish, because it’s enchanted silver. Beat-Pot’s cleaver has also been coated and enchanted with silver to signify his new status as leader of the cult.

What kind of tool was Beat-Pot’s original weapon? An agricultural implement? Is the form of this new blade meant to reflect that?
His weapon can be seen on some of the previous pages – it’s a giant bronze…thing, that was used as a cleaver for chopping off huge pieces of meat. Rumors say that it was originally a giant’s cleaver that somehow found it’s way into the kitchen where Beat-Pot worked. The weapon is still the same in this page, it’s only been coated with magical silver.

That big a cleaver can only be used to chop a certain kind of meat. I think I like the story of Beat-Pot smuggling it into the kitchen And now that I think of it, what is Lunar cuisine like? What would Beat-Pot usually cook?
Kalin Kadiev – Well, he would mostly cook Beets, which is where the nickname the Lunars use when they mock him (Beet Pot) comes from. You can see him peeling and chopping a whole mound of them at the beginning of the chapter.

Is the silver plating cosmetic, or does it add any improvements to the weapon?
Kalin Kadiev – the silver is enchanted. Silver is the metal associated with the Moon, so this will now allow Beat-Pot to perform Lunar war magics using his own blade, instead of having to use moon swords or sabers like the rest of the Blood Spillers.

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