24 – Did they achieve Liberation, part 2


Who are the Unholy Trio?
Kalin Kadiev – The female broo on top is Thed, the lower left goddess is Malia and the lower right god is Ragnaglar, or what’s left of him. Malia is the gray bloated being with multiple arms. The skull head is of Ragnaglar and the bleeding broo on the top is Thed.

Art direction – Malia was based on the drum drawing that you can see in the Guide to Glorantha, the appendix about Chaos. I really, really like that drawing so I decided to use that.

Ragnaglar, meanwhile, is based on the art direction that will be used in some other products, so I decided to go with that, since I didn’t have much of an idea on how to tackle his design.

In the top panel, Artia is obscured by the Lunar witch asking pesky questions? Who is the serpent confronting Tolat? Is this the Kralori evil dragon and the fight for Teshnos?
Kalin Kadiev – These are the gods of the underworld, the same gods that Argrath met during his initiation. As for who the dragon is – take your pick. I certainly haven’t the faintest clue, and I don’t think it’s supposed to be any single specific dragon.

Is that the same golden dragon that Argrath meets during his initiation?
Kalin Kadiev – Yes, it’s the same dragon.

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