20 – The Goddess and the Cook

Characters: Beat-Pot Aelwrin, Jar-eel the Razoress


There’s one important note about Beat Pot – note that he always wears Moon Runes. He was always a faithful follower of the Lunar Way. This slave revolt is an internal Lunar dispute – so of course Jar-Eel’s victory is inevitable.

Kalin Kadiev – Well..not really. He wears moon runes on his sash mostly because he took that from a Lunar after he killed him. In fact, if you look through the slave army you will find a lot of equipment (mostly shields) with Moon runes on them, since the slaves use whatever they could take from the Lunar soldiers.

So, how exactly do you get a pile-up of bodies like that?
Have the Lunars all decided to just pile the bodies into that pile – just for her to have something to stand on – right in the middle of a battle…
Or is it some sort of Rune/Divine magic spell? Create Mountain of Bodies – 2pt, Reuseable.
Not to mention Why is Beat Pot hiding away at the back of his army? Shouldn’t he have been one of the first to fight her??

Kalin Kadiev – So what stands out to you is that the bodies of the dead are gathered into giant piles, and not

  • 1. that there appear to be more than three times the dead on this page than there were even people in the rebel army; or
  • 2. that the Red Moon now appears to be just a couple of kilometres above the ground.
    No there isn’t some kind of divine spell or anything – We are no longer in the Mortal World at this point. Why is Jar-eel/The Red Goddess standing on top of a mount of corpses? Because that is how she wants to be seen. If she wanted him to, Beat Pot would have seen her standing on top of the Sky Bear, or maybe sitting in a Green Age garden of divine flowers.

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