23 – Did they achieve Liberation, part 1


Wait, four rebel gods against the Sun Emperor? The Red Moon against him too? Who is that bat goddess and the other one?
The red sword usually is a signature of Tolat, who’s an incarnation of Shargash, the unruly son of Yelm. The entire gang there are celestial deities (even Orlanth), and they all contribute.
Artia the Bat, Verithurus and Tolat are underworld deities as well as celestial ones. Check the copper plates in the Guide, in particular plates 6 and 7 on pages 114 and 115 and identify the fallen sons as Gods Wall 7 – 10, among them Verithurus.

Kalin Kadiev – This is correct – All we see here is what Jar-Eel wants Beat-Pot to see. If, say, an Esrolian was to somehow see all of this, he or she would see other gods and other symbols. Just as Argrath’s initiation showed one version of the Other World, this shows us another one.

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