17 – Liberation through Death

Characters: Jar-eel the Razoress


Isn’t it Beat-Pot, not Beet Pot?
Jeff Richard – The insulting variant of Aelwrin’s nickname is “Beet-Pot”.

I am curious about the mens’ hair and beard styles. I know I’ve seen similar depictions in various Babylonian / Akkadian historical places, and I’m wondering if anyone knows if those representations are meant to be curled, braided, or woven in some fashion?
Kalin Kadiev – Well, the funny thing is – I am not entirely sure either. I think they are supposed to be curled, but I am not entirely sure. The beards of the Dara Happan generals is styled after the way Mesopotamians portrayed hair and beards like that. See the image right for reference. Since the original source of inspiration for the drawing portrays curls in such a manner I decided it would fit if they look similar in the comic.
If you ever happen to go to Istanbul, I strongly urge you to visit the Archeology Museum, it contains some amazing pieces that could very easily be fitted into Glorantha.

What is the rune in Jar-Eel’s halo? I see a death rune and a moon rune, but can’t figure out the filled-in portion.
Kalin Kadiev – That is Jar-Eel’s personal rune.

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