London Calling… A wonderful presentation on the Guide to Glorantha project

Submitted by Rick on Sat, 05/01/2013 – 14:18 

To help explain all of the wonderful contents and the epic scope of the Guide to Glorantha project we enlisted the aid of Nick Brooke, Colin Driver, and David Scott. They prepared a Powerpoint presentation for Dragonmeet 2012, a one-day convention held annually in London at the end of November. For about an hour they discussed how the Guide would finally, after 30 or 40 years, define the world of Glorantha in its entirety. Unfortunately the “Video” of their presentation lacks this substantial component. You can hear them speak and see them in action, but you don’t get to see the slides they are speaking to. Thus, here’s a slightly updated version of their presentation, which you might find useful to page through as you also watch the video.

Many thanks to David, Nick, and Colin for making it happen.

The video, published by GMS Magazine.


Submitted by Herve on Sun, 24/02/2013 – 07:38. 

This is wonderful stuff. I particularly love the “Five Worlds” piece of art by Mike Perry. Never have the perception differences between Wizardry (Logical relations between Runes), Theism (our Gods up there in the sky) and Animism (our Spirit friends all around us) made so visibly clear, all over Our Glorious World, and the things and demons that lurk under it. Bravo.

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